1. What is an appraisal?
An appraisal is the estimation of the value of property at any given point in time, past or present. An appraisal can also entail the forecasting of monetary earning power. An appraisal is a document with a valuation conclusion; it is not a pre-purchase inspection, a mechanical evaluation or a recommendation to buy or sell your vehicle.

2. Why should I have my car appraised?
An accurate up-to-date appraisal is an important part of owning a collector vehicle. Appraisals are essential for insurance valuations, ban (or other) loan verification, personal property taxes and valuation disputes.

3. My car is one of a kind, modified and/or very rare. How can you accurately appraise it?
Even one of a kind cars have similarities to other vehicles that were built at the same point in history. Examples include early vehicles built by automotive pioneers, “one-offs” built by inventors and/or speculators as well as highly customized cars, hot rods, art cars and tuner cars. The appraisal process provides for a comparison to cars that have similar markets and characteristics.

4. How much is my car worth?
USAppraisal has provided a link to various price guides to help you estimate your car’s value range. When you are searching these guides, you will find there are many differences of opinion in valuation of many vehicles. Only by obtaining a professional valuation will you be able to have a third party accurately view, describe and value your vehicle for the purpose intended.

5. I’ve scheduled an appointment to have you appraise my car. What information do you need?
USAppraisal builds and maintains a file on every car appraised. While an appraisal can be done without it, copies of all recent repairs or restoration, bills and receipts, recent service and service history are all important. Each file is a record for valuation; the more complete the better. Copies of photographs, registration documents and ownership history when available are appreciated. Copies only please, keep your originals as you would any important papers.

6. Where can I get an idea of my car’s value?
The first place many appraisers look might be in one of the following valuation guides. Simply look up your car’s make, model and year and you will find an estimate of your car’s value. Please keep in mind that appraisal guides are without context…they cannot tell information that is not given to them. Guides are just that: guide books to finding an estimate of the value of your vehicle. This is only a part of the information the professional appraiser uses when estimating the value of any personal property.
As a service to you, USAppraisal is happy to provide links to a number of valuation guides, which will allow you to help estimate the value of your vehicle.