About Us


Founded in 1990, USAppraisal is dedicated to accurate appraisal services for our clients. We maintain a library containing thousands of books, periodicals, updates, guides and brochures collected over the past thirty years relating to automobiles and trucks of all types.

David H. Kinney, ASA

David Kinney is a Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers, the nation’s largest multidisciplinary appraisal organization (www.appraisers.org). Having been a car enthusiast all of his life, Dave Kinney has been involved in almost every phase of the automobile industry. USAppraisal is the culmination of over thirty-five years of experience buying, selling, servicing and learning the ins and outs of the many facets of collector, special interest, antique, classic and production vehicles.

Dave Kinney is also well known as an automotive journalist. He is a monthly columnist for AUTOMOBILE Upshift>>Auction and the British publication Octane. Kinney is also a frequent contributor to the New York Times Automobile Section. Additionally, Kinney is the founder and publisher of Hagerty Price Guide (formerly known as Cars That Matter), a price guide published three times per year.

Phil Neff

A lifelong auto enthusiast, Phil Neff has acquired an almost encyclopedic knowledge of classic automobiles.  He has successfully shown and rallied various cars as well as been involved in the organization of automotive events for the last two decades. Phil is now frequently called upon to judge at numerous concours events across the country.

Before becoming Research Director at USAppraisal, Phil was the Director of Operations for The Elegance At Hershey, a concours and hillclimb event that was founded in 2011. Before that he was a project coordinator on seven acclaimed automotive books for Coachbuilt Press in Philadelphia, PA. The experience and knowledge gained there, on titles ranging from The Art and Colour of General Motors to Vitesse-Elegance: French Expression of Flight and Motion, have prepared him to ferret out information on just about any car out there.

Phil has also begun the process of becoming an appraiser in his own right, and he currently is a Candidate Member of the American Society of Appraisers. As such his work at USAppraisal thus far is the practical or “on the job” experience that is contributing toward that goal. And a career in appraisal is the logical choice of someone with Phil’s unique knowledge and talents.